About Us

In 2018, 40 million used cars were sold in the United States. In 2020, a move towards digital purchasing changed the industry. Blue Water Group – a SaaS holding company and tech disruptor – ingeniously innovated a technology that connects the need to the car. It goes further than any other company by providing an all-encompassing coaching program that enables its users to generate wealth and efficiency, an advantage not currently seen in the marketplace.

Taking advantage of the technology and taught methodology, Blue Water Group provides the engine for unlimited growth and income. The technology lowers the acquisition cost to the customer and supplies dealers, exporters, part houses and online companies in need of lower acquisition cost inventory. In a $113 billion automobile space, this technology and enterprise opportunity for the coached client has a unique pathway to success! The sophisticated algorithm will make it a single-source provider using patent-pending methods.

These systems will also allow us to grow our passion for providing “The Gift of Transportation” to those that can’t afford or have access to transportation. Through our passion, technology, and vision, we will make our mark and make the world a better place.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to giving back and changing lives through the gift of transportation
as well as simplifying the process for buying and selling used vehicles.

Innovative Technology

We have simplified the process for buying and selling vehicles, using best-in-class websites with a sophisticated pricing algorithm making the buying and flipping of a car for profit completely automated.

Givers Mindset

While we are at the forefront of technology in the buying and flipping of cars, our underlying mission as a company is to give the gift of transportation to those in need – both to individuals and organizations.

Unlimited Possibilities

We have put together a proven formula for those who choose the Auto Wranglers Coaching Academy to earn an unlimited income with no car experience needed. In addition, our state-of-the-art SaaS technology makes buying and flipping a car for profit completely automated.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

We think differently about the “why and how” we represent your company. “Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics”, said Mark McQueen, 2 Star General, Retired, US Army and Panama City, FL City Manager. In 2018, Panama City, FL took a direct hit from Category 5 Hurricane Michael and Blue Water Group’s CCS Division worked with his team to provide innovative and secure solutions for asset inventory management, barcoding every asset in the city and tracking pre-storm conditions.

Our Guiding Principles

We intend to be the premier claim service provider to Municipality Insurance Trusts.

We place the highest value on our reputation in the industry and will represent our clients under these values.

We do W.I.T. “Whatever it takes“.

We serve as a leader in our industry. We do this by applying ethical principles that make significant differences.

We exceed our clients’ expectations and pursue excellence.

Set goals daily, weekly, and monthly for the Team to establish a clear view of our company’s future.

We bring strong product knowledge with our diverse team which yields exceptional work quality with a smile.

We strive to raise the expectations among insurance providers. We will achieve this goal by being prompt, providing financial security, all while building strong customer relations.

We develop relationships with our customers to make a positive difference in their lives.

We are a customer-centric company that provides unsurpassed service and premium value to our customers.